August 22, 2011

Mononoke-hime (Japan 1997)

"Princess Mononoke" is the kind of film I can really lose myself into. When I am watching it, I am able to forget about my surroundings and the problems of the "real" world. Not that they are not present in the film. The destruction of the environment especially is a main subject and it is even more timely now than at the time the film came out. There is an aura of melancholy in the film that is at heart of all great art but there is room for optimism too. This balance is the great strength of the film. The film does not think in black and white categories and is way more complex than one might intially expect.

"Princess Mononoke" may appeal to children as well but it is primarily a film for adults. It requires a certain maturity to be fully appreciated - which is a rare thing to say about an animation film.When I saw it for the first time at the age of 21, I was not yet ready for it because my artistic sensibilities were not yet fully developed. When I saw it again recently, I was overwhelmed by its graceful beauty, its epic scope and the masterful animation. I have not yet seen all of Miyazaki's films but it is so flawless I can't help calling it his masterpiece nonetheless...


Dances with wolves: "Princess Mononoke

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