May 07, 2011

Out of Sight (USA 1998)

"All you need for a movie is a girl and a gun."
Jean Luc Godard

Well, yes, but it helps if you also have George Clooney...

The actor - more known these days as "Mr. Nespresso" - celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday which is why I re-watched some of his films. He is one of my favourite Hollywood stars because he is the last one who still exudes class and that old-school charm that seems to be a rarity today. The comparison with Cary Grant is not that far off even though he has not made as many great films. For me, he is also an inspiring person because of the way he presents himself and engages politically while at the same time having fun and enjoying the good life.

One of his best roles is the one as bank robber Jack Foley in the Elmore Leonard adaptation "Out of Sight". The film was - like the later "Ocean's" trilogy which it somehow resembles - directed by his friend and production partner Steven Soderbergh. Enhanced by a smooth jazzy soundtrack, it is one of those cool 90's films that are as slick and enjoyable as they are shallow. But it is an ideal choice if you just want to kick back and relax on your sofa. What truly stands out though are the few scenes Clooney and Jennifer Lopez have together. Even though they would make an unlikely couple in real life, their chemistry in the film is great. Not only are the acting limitations of "JLo" completely concealed, those scenes also have great atmosphere and dialogues, especially in the legendary car trunk scene where everything that is on screen for five minutes, is indeed a girl, a gun... and a charming leading man.


Close encounter: Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney

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