June 30, 2011

L'été meurtrier (France 1983)

Two things in advance: I don't particularly like psychological thrillers and I don't particularly like films from the 80s.

So maybe it was not a good idea to watch Jean Becker's 1983 film "L'été meurtrier". But the promise of the young Isabelle Adjani as a mysterious seductress was enough for me. After all, she is an actress I like but unfortunately she hasn't made many great films. The setting - a young attractive woman comes into a small village turning it upside down is familiar from many other films. Adjani is very good in the sense that she portrays innocence and callousness at the same time. Naturally her charachter has a secret which gradually reveals itself throughout the film. She uses sex aggressively as her weapon to find out the truth about the dark secret of her family.

I have to admit that I have a problem with these kind of films because I care less about the story than about the characters. And the characters are not very complex here nor does the psychology advance far beyond your average TV drama. The ending is quite unsettling but can't compensate for the boredom I suffered through inbetween. You might feel otherwise - and some serious critics do - but to me it remains a rather conventional crime drama, but with a great performance from Isabelle Adjani.


The French Female: too hot too handle

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