October 24, 2011

The Color Wheel (USA 2011)

There are films that we love even though we know that they're flawed. For me, such a film is Alex Ross Perry's "The Color Wheel", the kind of American independent film that truly deserves to be called "independent". I recently discovered it at the Viennale where it was the film that gave me the most pleasure.

I love it because it is called "The Color Wheel" but is actually a black and white film. I love it because it has the look of 16mm even though it was shot digitally. I love it because the main actress looks like Anna Karina in Godard's films. I love it because it has a lot of dialogue and awkward situations. I love it because I can somehow relate to the characters. I love it because of its nostalgic credits. I love it because of the immoral ending. I love it because it is not perfect.

I love it.



Mutual appreciation: "The Color Wheel"

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