April 26, 2011

Knocked Up (USA 2007)

Yes, you have read the title right! It might not be the kind of film you would expect on this film blog but it is my firm believe that US comedy director/producer Judd Apatow qualifies as an auteur in the traditional sense.

Why? Because he writes his own screenplays, mostly about experiences from his own life, and he makes - keeping in mind the limitations of the American studio system - personal films with people he knows - most actors are either his friends or family. Luckily for him and the studio, his stories are told in such a universal way that millions of other young adults can relate to them as well.

Ripped to its core, "Knocked Up" still follows the schematic third-act-structure romantic comedy structure but in stark contrast to most other films of that genre, "Knocked Up" is told from the male point-of-view and contains lots of politically uncorrect jokes that are actually funny. Which is pretty smart from a Marketing perspective because this way the film attracts not only the girls but the guys too. The characters are likeable and even though occasionally exaggerated, they still qualify as somehow realistic. The film also offers a rather accurate portrayal of contemporary life in Los Angeles. And I can tell after having lived there for almost a year...

"Knocked Up" does not break any new ground but it is an entertaining comedy that is slightly above the current Hollywood average.


The Odd Couple: Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen

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